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Thank you for your interest in visiting The Society of Korea Illusart.
The Society of Korea Illusart (Soki) and The Association of Korea Illusart (Aoki), an affiliated organization of Soki, are in accordance with Global Postism in order for the development of domestic Illusart and Formative Media Industry. The top priority of Soki, a research organization, is to contribute to forming the foundation for Korea to be renowned for culture and art.
In order to achieve that goal, Soki is collaborating with The Society of Illustrators (Soi), the first society in the illustration field established in 1901. Also, our progressive actions introduced, in part, in the Soi homepage can prove how much effort we are putting in.
We would like to invite you to participate in the research of Soki and Aoki for the development of Global Illusart Culture.
The President of Soki, Kim Han-eung     
01. Publishing the academic journal 'Formative Media Studies' quarterly (Feb. 28, May. 31, Aug. 31, Nov. 30)
02. Holding the academic conference annually or biannually connected with the policy of Formative Industry Culture based on Formative Media including the illustration design, video, industrial and Formative Arts.
03. Holding Sokibia Awards annually for distinguished arts in Communication Illustration to foster illustration culture.
04. Associating internationally with global illustration and design groups.
05. Holding the exchange exhibition of international arts annually.